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Satisfaction survey underway

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Satisfaction survey underway

Central Electric Cooperative is committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction and is dedicated to increasing member engagement. To ensure the co-op is being diligent in making improvements in these areas, Central members are being asked to participate in a very important survey.

Members are selected at random to participate in the telephone survey conducted by Touchstone Energy Services. Calls should last 10-15 minutes, and will include a variety of satisfaction questions, such as:

How do you rank your cooperative in restoring your electric service when the power goes out?
How do you rank your cooperative in providing reliable service?
How do you rank your cooperative in being committed to the community?
To what extent has your cooperative fallen short or exceeded your expectations?
On a 10-point scale, how satisfied are you with your cooperative?
How do you rank your cooperative in having a goal to provide electricity at the lowest possible cost?
How do you rank your cooperative in having competent and knowledgeable employees?

In addition to the satisfaction questions, members can choose to provide feedback to the cooperative and can opt to have someone from the cooperative follow up with a phone call. Verbatim transcripts of the comments are provided to allow the cooperative to find areas for potential improvement.

The surveyor will never ask for personal information such as a driver’s license or social security number. Also, surveyors will never ask for payment information or bank account information.

These surveys provide valuable feedback will be used to improve processes, create a better member experience, and enable Central to better engage the membership.

Central encourages all members who receive the call to participate in these surveys. The surveys are aimed at improving processes that will benefit you, the member-owners of Central.

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